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#1 Seafood

Rockland & Abington



The Bakery features deserts, sandwiches, our own smoked meats & lots of deli favorites.  Special requests are applauded and appreciated. We will always try to please and surprise you personally with your sports gathering, special events . . . etc.

Eddie Reid is famous for his holiday pies - blueberry, apple & cherry.    Order yours early!!


The Deli features the best sandwiches around using fresh baguettes, bulky rolls, and our own home made breads.

Many of our customers have commented our sandwiches and food in general is a trip back in time when "good was good" and "real was real."

Unlike the majority of food establishments there are no big trucks delivering our food.  Everything is hand selected and purchased by Eddie himself.

So any problems . . . . . see Eddie.



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