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Since 2003, Brenda Kelly and Eddie Reid (Brenda & Eddie) have been working toward the goal of making The Banner an authentic Irish pub where folks meet to drink, eat and enjoy each others company while listening to great live music. Located in the historic Hotel Thomas in Rockland, MA, The Banner has come to be known as just that.

Brenda, hails directly from Kildare in Ireland - horse country. Brenda's brother-in-law is a trainer of champion horses. In fact, he trained the 2006 Irish and English National Champions as well as the 2005 Irish National Champion. Eddie grew up in Boston's Irish neighborhood of Dorchester. He is the common mix of Irish and Italian. The Italian in him provides him with his flare for cooking. Eddie is the chef at The Banner. He started his culinary career in the Marine Corps. His past experience is quite evident in the portion sizes at the banner - he has never been able to get over cooking for the masses!

The Irish Pub. Just the mention of it seems to conjure up good times, good food and of course, good drink.

Pub - short for public house - was a place in Ireland that did not require a membership to enter, unlike a private house.  The wealthy upper class were the only ones able to afford membership to private houses. While the rich had memberships to other establishments, pubs were frequented by the working classes.

The history of the Irish pub is steeped in culture and lore. Originally, an Irish pub was a roughly crafted place with natural wood furniture and stone walls. In addition to ale, an Irish pub usually sold food and hardware items. The Irish pub was a warm, welcoming place where people socialized, sang, relaxed, told stories, and exchanged gossip and rumors.

In the 19th century the Irish pub was deemed illegal under British rule. This only fueled the independent spirit of the Irish and pubs became places where rebels gathered to discuss their disgust of the Crown and in some cases to coordinate underground rebellions.


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